I'm a full-stack developer specialised in backend and frontend development for complex scalable web apps. Currently working as Head of Games at The Ear LTD, Malta.

About me

My acquired communication and organizational skills allowed me to perform very good results in team working. I have competences in analysing, designing, developing and maintaining software applications by working at all levels of an IT project (functional analysis, development, testing, delivery, etc...). I am interested in exploring all kind of Information Technology branches

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Online Casino Business

Starting an online casino business could be the one single step you might really have to take for you to grow your existing casinos or to start generating money from the iGaming industry.It is essential for a future owner of the gambling project to have considerable financial wealth.

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Simple SEO tips

Know your business. What are people looking for when they are looking for you? Find a great keyword phrase for each page. Write different pages for different keywords and keyword phrases.

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Using HTML5 today

Once the HTML allowed only display text with no extras and had only 20 functions. It was at the time of its creation, in 1993, after which he constantly upgraded.

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